Network Management

Network management is a complex process for operating, maintaining, administering and protecting a network infrastructure using specific methods, applications and tools. What is the role of Network Management?

What is Network Management and why is it important?

Network management represents the procedures, methods, and tools need to effectively operate, administrate, and maintain networks. It uses software and hardware to analyze data transfer channels, support and improve their performance, reliability, and security. To ensure that your business operations run smoothly, it's important to monitor your IT functions for failures, viruses and online threats. In simple words, network management is the process to support your business on a healthy level.

What elements does Network Management include?

Network administration

Network administration includes keeping track of network resources such as switches, routers, and servers. It also includes performance monitoring and software updates.

Network provisioning

Network provisioning involves network resource configuration for the purposes of supporting any service. It is the process of setting up a network so that authorized users, devices, and servers can access it.

Network operation

Network operation aims to ensure that the network is functioning properly. Network operation tasks can be shortly described as monitoring network activity and proactive identification and elimination of deficiencies.

Network maintenance

Network maintenance basically means all actions to keep a network up and running. It includes a number of tasks, for example troubleshooting network problems, hardware and software installation and configuration, planning for future network growth.

The benefits of having centralized Network Management

Network management helps you:

  • Control costs - Many companies try to cope with complex IT infrastructures using only an internal team, but supporting technological innovation requires a lot of costs and capacities. Choosing network management services to expand your internal efforts often results in significant savings.
  • Avoid costly disruptions - The costs of downtime can be very high. By outsourcing network management operations to a trusted network partner, you don't have to worry about network disruptions and the resulting unexpected costs and negative impact on relationships with customers.
  • Improve efficiency - Choosing network management services helps you avoid the pressure of technical issues and focus on the more important tasks of your organization. Depending on what kind of network management functions you want to offload, from monitoring to updates, there are a number of services available to improve the speed and precision of your business.

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