Remote Support Services

Remote IT support services enable businesses to operate confidently knowing that team members and technology is supported remotely at every location at any time of the day. With remote support the technician can see the screen of the remote device on their own screen in real-time, and in most cases is able to take control of the remote device to troubleshoot issues and perform other tasks.

What can Remote Support assistants do for you?

While in a remote session, the technician can take control of the device and perform whatever task is needed. They can install updates, resolve issues, and perform maintenance. Most remote support solutions come equipped additional features that help IT pros be more productive while providing remote support. Examples include file transfer, remote print, chat, session recording, screen sharing, and more.

By being able to remotely access a device to provide support, IT support teams, help desks, and managed service providers can resolve support tickets quicker. This means they can save time and get more done throughout the day. End-users receiving support enjoy faster service which leads to increased satisfaction.

What are the advantages of Remote Support?

Speed. The current dynamics of business demands quick responses to any possible issue that may arise in the organization.

Availability. Remote support allows customers to have access to rapid assistance from any geographical location with an internet connection.

Profitability. Usually, the physical presence of a technician implies extra fees related to the travel expenses. In remote assistance the customer's investment covers only the support service; this involves a reduction of up to 60% of the total cost in relation to on-site support.

Efficiency. Remote support can resolve 90% of IT issues. In the case of the software solutions, there are suppliers that have achieved greater effectiveness by responding efficiently to at least 99% of their customers 'requests.

Knowledge sharing. This service involves real-time interaction. This means that as the technician makes adjustments to a system; the customer can see everything that is happening on the screen.

Greater satisfaction. By obtaining faster, more accurate and efficient resolutions users in organizations can achieve greater satisfaction and confidence in the tools they use in their environment.

What are the key features of a good Remote Support team?

  • A team of experts is experienced enough to offer effective solutions and to guarantee the integrity of your systems after their intervention.
  • First Call Resolution Service
  • The use of high-quality remote access and encrypted communication tools; to ensure the protection of the organization's sensitive information.
  • Assistance in your language
  • The implementation of a learning culture that enables the organization's personnel to be trained in the use of the tools they acquire.

Remember that the provider you choose must ensure the gradual decline of the need for assistance. If your tool is effective, stable and it requires on-site support only in rare and specific circumstances, that means you made the right decision when choosing your software solution and provider. In any further situation please feel free to contact our specialists who are here to help.