Voice and Data Cabling Cat 5, 6 and more for whole office

Voice and Data structured Cabling is crucial for work of your office. For the office Cabling solutions Cat5, Cat 6 are available. What does Voice and Data Cabling Cat 5 and 6 solution offer?

What are the Voice and Data Cabling Cat 5 and Cat 6?

Category 5 cable (Cat 5) is a twisted cable used for computer networks. The most popular type of Cat 5 cable is the Cat 5e cable. The "e" in the Cat 5e cable stands for enhanced. It is a standard cable that provides performance for up to 100 MHz. It's used for transferring signals for telephones and video. Cable Cat 5 fits the need for many networks.

The advantages of the Cable Cat 5: one of the cheapest options, provides a substantially higher transfer speed, versatility. Cable Cat 5 also has some disadvantages, for example limited amount of data transferred to and from the cable, sensitivity to interference.

Cable Cat 6 is another twisted pair cable used in Ethernet and network applications. It is backward complete, which means it can be joint together with Cat 5/5e and Cat 3 cables as well.

Compared with Cat 5 and Cat 5e, these cables support higher bandwidths. One of the main advantage of Cat 6 cable is the level of speed. Its performance is up to 250 MHz. Also it's upgradable. On the other hand, cable Cat 6 is more expensive. Also it does not guarantee full speed, because Cat 6 cables only yield the full speed if each of the components in the network is operating at the gigabit speeds.

Professional Voice and Data Cabling Cat 5, 6 solution for your office

Voice and Data structured Cabling is crucial for work of your office. Just imagine how much cabling is involved with a room full of computers, phones, routers and other equipment. That is why it's really important to organize clear structure. It can be a tough task for the business, so it's better to go for a professional help and get structured cabling solutions.

Professional structured cabling solution offers:

  • Managing your cable structure is a whole project that takes time and planning. A professional company can check the existing equipment and draw up a scheme of the necessary cables. The company can save you time so you don't get distracted from your work.
  • Using the latest in cable technology, professional company will enable your network to reach its potential and offer increased resilience.
  • You can get professional customer support, both before, during, and after installation of cabling solutions.

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