Computer repair at home in Los Angeles

Any home computer becomes someone’s best friend, for some people it is an assistant, and for someone it is a means of earning money.
How can you entrust a computer or laptop to a stranger? Probably, distrust is the most important reason, for example, that an unattended employee has the opportunity to replace new parts with old ones. However, the TakeCare Computers Company is trusted!

We provide Computer repair in Los Angeles under the control of the owner

Our company is ready to provide high-quality and reliable service for repair, setup and maintenance of a computer right at your home or office. We are doing our best to fix the computer problems on the spot.
Everyone needs high-quality repair and long-term computer service in Los Angeles or wherever. First of all, we will diagnose computer equipment and identify malfunctions, say the cost of repairing your computer and components.
High—quality and inexpensive computer repair at home – these are the main indicators of our company. We have professional equipment and good specialists with extensive experience in computer repair in Los Angeles at our disposal.

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Application for computer repair or maintenance in Los Angeles

Is your computer broken? Is there a problem with a laptop or other office equipment? We are ready to fix the problem quickly and efficiently! To solve problems, you need to leave a request:

  • for repairs at the service center (you will bring it yourself or we will pick it up)
  • departure of the computer repair master at home or to the office
  • remote computer repair assistance.

You can make an application on our website, as well as by calling us by phone or visiting our office in person.

Detecting a computer malfunction in Los Angeles by phone or on the spot

In order to understand the cause of the malfunction of a computer or laptop, sometimes a serious diagnosis is required at a service center, an on-site inspection of office equipment or a telephone consultation is enough.

Departure of the master or reception of computer for repair in Los Angeles

A computer repairman drives around Los Angeles for free and performs diagnostics of office equipment on the spot, if possible. If it is impossible to determine the cause of the malfunction, a master can take the faulty equipment to the service center. You can bring your own computer, laptop or office equipment to our office. After the diagnosis, the types of work and their cost will be announced to you. If you are satisfied with the cost and you agree to repair your computer, we will do it as soon as possible.

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Checking and payment for computer repair in Los Angeles

After completing all the computer repair work, we will call you and agree on a time to bring computer equipment to your home or office, and you can also pick up your electronics yourself.

What are the most frequent customer questions?

How much will the work of a computer repairman cost in Los Angeles?

Previously, a computer repair technician will conduct a free diagnosis and provide you with an official price list, where he will note what kind of computer repair and maintenance work he recommends to carry out. Next, you will choose from the list the services that you want to order.

Will I need to buy additional components or spare parts to replace during computer repair in Los Angeles?

If any spare parts or components are required to restore the computer’s functionality, we will be able to buy them for you, previously we agreed with you on their cost.

Our company’s team is qualified craftsmen who are able to solve the most difficult tasks. By entrusting your laptop to us, you will see it by yourself!