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Lewis T (Los Angeles)

As a business owner, I could never be sold on paying for a contract with an IT or Computer Service …. until I met TechCare. When I began my current position as General Manager for a cage-free doggie day care and boarding facility, one of the first expenses on my list to eliminate was the monthly contract, that had been previously established with a company called TechCare, which I had never heard of.

Before taking action, I thought it best to observe what our company was actually receiving for the monthly fee. Besides that, all of the computers were PC’s and in our store we were Mac driven, so I thought it might be a good idea to retain the contract until I could get comfortable in the PC world.

Within a couple of weeks after starting, there was a need for TechCare’s services, for the learning curve I was experiencing with PCs wasn’t moving as smoothly as I had hoped. First of all, a human actually answered the phone when I called. That earned them some bonus points. The first question I was asked threw me for a loop. It was, “Would tomorrow be good for you?” I responded with, “You mean the next day, like within 24 hours?” The answer was yes! I thought, how could that be?

The technician showed up on time, got to the root of the problem quickly and even explained what the problem was and how it was fixed. Incredibly, he spoke English and not “Geek-Speak.” I actually understood what he said … and the first time, no less. Well, I thought, this must be a fluke. However, when the technician arrived for the monthly service, to check updates on all of the computers and making sure the server was in good order, it happened again. I was notified … check that … I was asked if the date they had in mind fit with my schedule. Caught off guard again.

Remarkably, when the technician arrived, named Josh, he actually did things … lots of things, and kept me up to speed all along the way. I just had to ask if this was their normal procedure or had the company I was working for been using them for years and had earned VIP status. As it turned out, our company hadn’t used them for years, but they did solve a lot of problems and prevented even more, shortly after taking on the account.

The experience with TechCare changed my mind about contractual agreements and the vital service they can provide. Now, if only learning how to operate Windows,properly, was as easy, life would great… but I’ll settle for good!

Jo T (Los Angeles)

I can’t say enough about this computer repair shop. They are outstanding and that doesn’t begin to cover how great they are. I have had issues with my Dell computers and recently found out that the particular model I have is the problem. Eddie, Jay, Nas, Josh, Tendai, John Damien and Phil, I hope I am not leaving anyone out have gone above and beyond for me with these computers. They are knowledgeable, helpful, patient, caring wonderful men. I would never trust my computer repairs to anyone else. Don’t go anywhere else. As a plus which I discovered many years ago they will work on my computers at my house, They were I think one of the first computer companies to do this many years ago. Everyone is wonderful you won’t regret calling them and having them fix your computers. They do it all home users and businesses, PC’s and Mac’s.

Alvin A. (Pasadena)

I have been working with TechCare for a few years now. They are as good as it gets. The technicians are punctual and professional. Customer service when calling and scheduling an appointment is always easy. I would not hesitate to recommend TechCare’s IT services to anyone. I can not speak highly enough about this company and its employees.

Ronaldo H. (Los Angeles)

Great service from Nas the technician who came to my business to help me with a network issues Ive been having. He was proffesional and knowledgeable and even returned after leaving because I didnt have all the information he needed to finish his diagnosis. Would recommend!

Mike C. (Studio City)

My wife and I have had a working relationship w Tech Care for over 10 years. Eddie and Nas are so great to work with. Their products, service and professionalism is beyond reproach. If you need a custom design or personalized tutoring, they deliver. I highly recommend Tech Care!

Thomas K (Los Angeles)

My firm has used Tech Care for the past 4-5 years. Never overpriced, never unfair…..we’ve used other companies prior to them and end up getting taken for a ride. People on here give them critical reviews because they unfortunately have to break “bad news” to people, that bad news shouldn’t be their fault….its your fault for ruining your computer to begin with! J

Nnicole Quessenberry (Los Angeles)

These guys are the best! They help me at work and at home with all kinds of problems. They are always available to answer questions, solve digital mysteries and ease complicated set-up. I am so grateful for their support! The best.

Alex L. (Los Angeles)

I have been using TechCare for a many years. They plain just work hard and do a great job. They have earned a great review from me. Josh is my technician – he’s awesome – but all have been at least very good. Eddie and the guys on the phones seem to work 24/7 and are just solid good guys. I recommend TechCare all the time without any hesitation. Just a straight up hard a working good crew and at reasonable rates is as good as one can ask for I’d say. Thanks gents!


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