How to carry out a general cleaning of the keyboard without disassembling

If you decide to clean your keyboard yourself without visiting a laptop cleaning service, you definitely should read this article to reduce the risk of errors. It is better to start with the simplest methods that do not require disassembling the keyboard. You can resort to them every day to keep the keyboard in decent condition. If the keys are pressed from time to time, and a new life is already emerging in the device, immediately proceed to the next option, where we tell you how to disassemble and safely clean the keyboard.

To protect the equipment from damage, turn off the computer before cleaning the keyboard. If you have a wired keyboard, pull out the cable that connects it to the computer. If you cannot turn off the keyboard (for example, in a laptop), disconnect the computer’s power cable to reduce the risk of electric shock.

The wireless USB keyboard can be disconnected when the computer is turned on. However, with a different type of keyboard, such an attempt can damage the computer, so if you are not sure, it is better to turn off the computer first or to contact laptop cleaning service.

Remove the batteries from the wireless keyboard, especially if you are going to thoroughly clean the keys.

Flip the keyboard

To begin with you don’t need to get inside, it’s enough to turn the keyboard at an angle and shake it over the trash can or sink. Large debris particles will fly out on their own.

Treatment with detergents

The most obvious solution is to wipe the case and keys with detergent. You can use special wipes for the care of appliances that you can buy in any shop, or alcohol, you can also take a regular dishwashing detergent or shampoo.

Cleaning with compressed air

If you are a lover of delicious food over the keyboard, there are probably a lot of crumbs in it. They can be blown out with compressed air — a can of it is sold in any large hardware store. This option is more suitable for mechanical keyboards, the keys of which are raised high above the board. Low laptop keys are better to disassemble or vacuum.

Vacuum cleaning

A portable or car vacuum cleaner will help to pull out all the crumbs and dust from under the keyboard keys. For example, with the Bosch PAS 18 LI Set model, a special slot nozzle for hard-to-reach places and a brush are included, which will help to clean all the space between the keys.

Cleaning the keyboard from liquid

Remember, if there is some liquid on the keyboard, you should never turn it on until it is completely dry.

Turn the keyboard upside down so the liquid flows out and does not penetrate even deeper. Shake the keyboard to shake out the drops that have fallen between the keys. Continue until the drops stop falling from it.

Dry the keyboard with a microfiber cloth. At the same time, keep the keyboard upside down. Try to get as much liquid wet as possible. Do not turn the keyboard back over until you have wiped everything you can.

In most cases 24 hours are enough for all the liquid on the keyboard to dry. But it’s better to wait 2-3 days if possible until you use the keyboard again.

Cleaning the keyboard inside

If the keys are removable, remove them with a screwdriver. Do not do this if you are not sure if the keys are removable, because otherwise you may break them. Before removing the keys, take a picture of the keyboard on your mobile phone. This will help you then insert the keys in the correct order.

Put the keys in a colander and wash them with warm water. If the water has not washed away all the dirt, try using liquid dishwashing detergent.

Wash the empty faceplate with warm water and soap. Wipe the other half of the keyboard with a napkin soaked in alcohol. Clean the key sockets with cotton swabs soaked in alcohol.

Leave the keyboard to dry for 2-3 days. Assemble the keyboard and check how it works.

As you can see, cleaning the keyboard takes a lot of time and effort. If you are not ready to wait and waste the time, you can contact our best laptop cleaning service in Los Angeles. Our team of TechCare Computers consists of professionals with extensive experience. We will do everything efficiently and in no time.