Have you wondered what to look at and what questions to ask when choosing an IT outsourcer?

The pros and cons of IT outsourcing have been known for a long time, but a manager who has decided to switch to an outsourcing model will inevitably face the question of how to actually make this transition? What can we say about the transition to the outsourcing model: how to choose the IT Support Company in Los Angeles out of hundreds of ones that the search engine gives out? There is not enough time to call and communicate with all the IT companies, they all have different offers, prices, deadlines, motives. In general, choosing a service provider in Los Angeles seems to be a very difficult and routine task, seeing which even a seasoned manager gives up.

In fact, choosing a service provider is much easier than it seems at first glance: it is enough to make a few confident movements and the choice will be sharply reduced from several hundred to 5-7 companies.

First of all, in order to outsource service functions to IT, you need to collect certain information about your network. There is a standard set of data that must be provided to the IT service provider in Los Angeles so that it can estimate the cost of maintaining your IT infrastructure and make a commercial offer. Here are the questions that will help you gather this information:

How many users work on your network?

  • The work schedule;
  • Location of offices.

How many computers are on your company’s network?

  • Computer models and their configuration;
  • Are they under warranty;
  • What operating systems are installed.

How many servers?

  • Server models and their configurations;
  • Are they under warranty;
  • Operating system.

List of applications critical for your business:

  • Financial software (1C, bank clients);
  • Standard office applications (Office 2003, 2007, 2010);
  • Business automation systems (1C, ERP).

Do you have an internal email server?

  • If yes, which one (Microsoft Exchange, Mdaemon, Kerio)?
  • If there is no server, what hosting is it located on?
  • What kind of internet connection do you have?

Channel speed

  • Type of communication channels.

How does your telephone service work?

  • What model of telephone exchange do you use;
  • Number of external and internal lines;
  • Type of communication channel.

With this data, you will have enough information to familiarize a potential company in Los Angeles with your IT needs. Send it to the e-mail addresses of the service providers listed on the websites, or fill out a special form (if there is one) and mark the time. With companies that will respond to your request in the first 24 hours, it makes sense to continue further communication. If the Los Angeles service provider did not respond to your request within a day, then most likely such a provider will not suit you: it is unlikely that his reaction speed will increase if you sign a contract with him.