Slow mobile Internet really upsets everyone. We often see that our mobile data transfer speed is very slow, even if the signal quality on the mobile phone is good. We use the Internet on smartphones most of the time. This means that getting faster Internet speed on our mobile devices is more important than ever.

But this does not always happen. There are many things that can slow down your communication. Let’s look at the main reasons why the Internet on your phone in Los Angeles is too slow, and ways to eliminate them.

The Main Reasons of Slow Mobile Internet

There are several reasons why the user has a bad Internet access on the phone:

– technical problems on the part of the mobile operator;
– the user is in an area with poor-quality coverage;
– applications that work simultaneously and thereby consume internet traffic.

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How to Fix Slow Internet Connection?

If you are suffering from slow mobile Internet, you need to check the gadget for all its parameters and capabilities, which are listed below.

In new gadgets, the 4G network type is set by default, but in older models, the preferred network is 3G. Above, we wrote instructions for configuring the network type on iOS and Android. By using a forced network connection, you can speed up slow mobile Internet.

  • Browser Optimization

Browser optimization includes a page compression mode, which is used by most Android owners, where, after activation, all pages will be filtered through Google servers and displayed in a compressed form, thereby saving up to 30% speed.

  • Rebooting the phone

Sometimes, the best way to fix Slow Mobile Internet is to simply restart it. Existing mobile operating systems are somewhat similar to Windows, if the device continuously works for a long period, over time it begins to slow down and require a reboot. Thanks to this, the performance and return of the device will be restored to 100%.

  • The right place for a Wi-Fi router

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, then the Slow Mobile Internet may be a consequence of data transmission over the network. Determine the optimal location in the room for your router, where nothing will interfere with the signal. Also ensure the same distance from the router to all devices that are connected to it.

  • Clearing the application cache

Applications have the property of accumulating a cache, which can lead to the fact that you will have a Slow Mobile Internet, and applications, in turn, will slow down a lot, so it is important to clear it in time.

  • Clearing the cache on Android:

1. Go to the “Settings” menu and then click on “Storage”.

2. Go to “Other apps” to promote

all installed apps on your phone.

3. Next, select the application and click “Clear Cache”.

  • Clearing the cache on iOS:

1. Go to the ”Settings” section, and then ”Basic”.

2. Click ”iPhone Storage”, where you will see all your applications and the size of the data that accumulates in them. Not all applications allow you to delete this data, but on most of them you will be able to clear the cache, thereby freeing the device from unnecessary, clogging files.

Thanks to all these methods, you will no longer need to think about how to improve the performance of your phone or how to increase the speed of the slow mobile Internet.

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Why is the mobile Internet so slow?

As you can see, there are many reasons why the internet on your phone is slow. Fortunately, most of them are easy to fix. If you need additional advice, you can contact our company. Our qualified specialists will help you solve the problem with slow mobile Internet in the shortest possible time.