If You Are Looking For A Content Audit in Los Angeles, Firstly, Let’s Know What is Content Audit?

Content audit is a check of the site content on all fronts. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the marketing impact of the content, to identify errors and violations of the requirements of search engines, to detect outdated and ineffective pages that kill conversion.

The result of the audit in Los Angeles should be an action plan: what to delete, what to update and fix, what to leave. After a competent shake-up of the content, the site becomes cleaner, behavioral factors improve, ranking increases.

When Content Audit in Los Angeles is Needed?

It would be nice to conduct an audit in Los Angeles regularly, and although this is not a quick thing, the return from it is amazing: in a good scenario, you can increase traffic 2-2.5 times. An unambiguous bell for checking content when traffic decreases, query positions sink or the page drops out of the search engine index.

A comprehensive check is carried out for various reasons and solves several tasks:

  • find out why the site fell under search engine filters;
  • identify pages with low-quality or outdated texts;
  • sort pages that can be painlessly discarded or merged;
  • work out a content plan;
  • expand and refine the semantic core and the key promotion strategy;
  • formulate ideas for increasing traffic, lead generation and conversion on the site;
  • evaluate the marketing effectiveness of the resource.

How to Evaluate Content If You Are Doing Content Audit in Los Angeles?

First, we recommend uploading the URL of each page of the site to the table. As you work, enter all the data and recommendations for each page into the table.

The content audit algorithm depends on the size of the site and the priority task assigned to the auditor, but still any analysis covers 3 aspects.

1 – The Quality of the Texts.

  • No errors and typos.

Literacy of texts from the point of view of language norms is not just respect for its readers, but also a ranking factor. Illiterate texts reduce the credibility of the site, respectively, increase the number of refusals and lower the position in the issuance.

If it is not possible to order proofreading of texts to a proofreader or editor, you can use the service for batch spell-checker of the entire Spell-checker site. After verification, the report will indicate the pages where edits are needed. Unfortunately, punctuation, grammatical, lexical and stylistic errors are beyond the control of this service.

  • The design of the text.

Headings, subheadings, lists, tables, highlighted fragments and quotes — all these techniques make it easier for users to read and guide search algorithms along the right path.

  • Ease of perception.

Looking through the text diagonally, the reader should grasp the essence and easily find the section he is interested in, if, for example, he needs to get specific information without reading the entire article. Structuring and formatting of the text will help here: icons, illustrations with captions, infographics that clearly explain difficult-to-understand information.

  • Lack of water.

Verbal garbage, ornate constructions with vague meaning, repetition of the same thoughts in different words — all this kills even the most useful text. Users like it when everything is brief, to the point and with facts.

2 – SEO Compliance

Search engines are interested in high-quality content on the sites that they show to their users. In order for a page to reach the top, its content must meet the requirements of search engines, otherwise ranking will slow down, your site will remain on the margins of the search results, and people simply will not see it. When conducting a content audit, make sure that all search engine optimization conditions are met.

The number of characters should approximately correspond to the volume of the text of competitors in the output. If everyone writes longreads, then you will have to be puzzled by large articles.

3 – The Use of Information.

Beautiful, optimized texts are nothing if the user does not find an answer to his request in them. The usefulness of the content in Los Angeles is to completely close the reader’s problem in a simple and understandable way. To make useful content, you need to comply with several conditions:

  • start from the problems of the target audience: a product, service or informational article should solve the user’s tasks in the user’s language;
  • study the sites of competitors in the top search engines and make the materials better;
  • attract specialized specialists to write materials;
  • write to the point, without going far from the topic;
  • look for up-to-date information, if everything is changing dynamically in the niche, stay tuned for data updates.

How to evaluate the benefits of content? On the one hand, this is a subjective indicator, but on the other hand, the analysis of behavioral factors will help to find out how the audience perceives the usefulness of your resource:

  • the bounce rate is reduced;
  • increases the time on the page and the depth of viewing;
  • users share links to pages.

To sum it up, content is an important ranking factor. Content audit in Los Angeles helps to identify and eliminate problems that slow down website promotion, bring high bounce rates and low conversion. This is a long, big job, which in any case will have a positive effect.

After the audit and the implementation of all recommendations on content optimization, it is necessary to continue to monitor the relevance and uniqueness of texts, monitor metrics that inform you about the problems that have arisen in a timely manner. Reach us right now to discuss how we can help your business increase organic traffic, generate more leads and sales, and stay ahead of the competition.