The world of information threats is constantly evolving. Every year, cybersecurity experts discover an average of 5,000 to 7,000 new vulnerabilities, and this is not the limit. For example, last year the number of malware that appeared reached 16,555!

Such a number of potential holes is approximately equal to the figure of 13-45 data leaks per day, from which it is almost impossible to protect yourself. For many months, the cyber threats of financial and reputational losses in Los Angeles have been hanging over the business.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent cyber threats in Los Angeles?

It is obvious that the existing knowledge becomes obsolete instantly, and yesterday effective means of protection may be helpless at the most inopportune moment. Is it possible to resist the surging wave of dangers? The answer is yes, the main thing is to know the enemy in person. After all, despite the constant upgrade of the means of attack, the general basic principles and vectors of attack remain unchanged.

What is necessary to protect your company in Los Angeles from cyber attacks?

To begin with, it is necessary to understand the internal goals and objectives of the attackers, of which there are not so many: money theft; fraud; cyberattack initiated by competitors; corporate espionage; mass hacker attack.

Next, it is necessary to determine in which risk zones your business is located in Los Angeles. Financial theft from accounts, data encryption for ransom and hidden mining are a universal threat to companies of all shapes and sizes. But industrial espionage or a large-scale assault using new technologies, in most situations, should be feared only by large corporations. Attackers are by no means fools, and will not spend tens of thousands of dollars if the profit does not exceed the estimated costs. Any scenarios of external negative impact are always subject to the principles of economic efficiency. Simply put: of all the methods, the simplest and cheapest is chosen.

For example, in corporate espionage, the most successful attack vector is the use of an insider. It is easier and cheaper to introduce your own person, or to bribe someone from the company’s staff, than to assemble a group of technical specialists, buy modern equipment and hack the security perimeter by brute force. Cyber threats in Los Angeles are a criminal offense that leaves behind a lot of unwanted evidence. In addition, if there is no specific monitoring software in the company, the actions of the “mole” are extremely difficult to track, and malicious intent is almost impossible to prove.

Cyberattacks of small and medium-sized businesses in Los Angeles

Small and medium-sized businesses are not too attractive for cyber threats in Los Angeles. Usually such firms do not possess important industrial secrets, and their customer base is not too valuable. However, the risks of insider trading are very high. But we are not talking about introducing our own person, but about employees who have decided to develop their business at the expense of the employer’s resources. Or about niche competition, in which disloyal staff is outbid by competitors.

How can you prevent cyber threats in Los Angeles?

Nowadays, almost any method of attack involves close interaction with the staff of the victim company, since this is the cheapest and fastest way to get inside the perimeter of information security. The conclusions are obvious: for reliable protection, businesses in Los Angeles need not only to regularly update all kinds of antiviruses and firewalls, but also to implement systems for monitoring employee actions. By identifying risk areas and taking control of the activity of the staff, the company has a chance to avoid data leakage and serious financial damage.