The infrastructure that the company is deploying in the cloud or on-premise needs to be managed. This is done by professional engineers and administrators. They set up and update systems, monitor performance indicators, quickly eliminate failures if something went wrong, and ensure proper infrastructure development. Such specialists can be hired in the state, or attracted from Los Angeles managed service provider.

If the infrastructure is managed by a provider (Managed Service Provider — MSP), its services are called managed services, or “integrated IT management”. An IT support company in Los Angeles can take over the full maintenance of the infrastructure, also it can share areas of responsibility with the IT department of the client company. Unlike outsourcing, we are talking here about continuous comprehensive maintenance, and not about one-time services.

Who needs managed IT services in Los Angeles?

As a rule, Cloud Managed Services are individual solutions, the range of services is selected taking into account corporate requirements. In general, managed services are suitable for:

Large companies

More often they want to unload the IT department, free up employees’ time to solve key tasks, or, conversely, need the support of highly specialized experts to migrate to the cloud or launch innovative IT products.
In large companies, as a rule, an impressive IT infrastructure has already developed, which requires a large amount of not only human, but also material resources to ensure work. In this case , IT outsourcing will help:

  • Reduce the number of staff in the state;
  • Reduce the costs of the organization;
  • Optimize all IT processes;
  • Formalize all employees: everyone has their own rights, which are regulated by the job description;
  • Develop solutions to increase the efficiency of the company;
  • Maintain all systems in working mode.

Small and medium—sized businesses.

Managed Services in Los Angeles allows you to save on maintaining your own infrastructure, and sometimes even do without your own IT department.
If you have already passed the stage of organizing the company’s IT infrastructure, then IT outsourcing will be useful for you in the following:

  • Optimization of business processes;
  • Organization of information storage structure;
  • Equipment repair;
  • Support of operating systems, programs, troubleshooting of any problems in their work;
  • Organization of backup.


Managed services allow you to quickly launch and test business ideas without hiring additional IT experts.
In the event that your business is at the stage of formation and growth, IT outsourcing will help you:

  • To purchase the right equipment (savings can reach 100%!);
  • To deal with all providers, bank clients and other technical issues;
  • Install the necessary software and programs
  • To set up employees’ workplaces and advise on working with programs;
  • Implement the necessary systems;
  • To add 1C systems or other software for accounting and business management;
  • Take care of data security.

Managed Services is more often used if the company does not have its own IT department, but there are infrastructure maintenance tasks, it is necessary to unload its own employees or it is difficult or expensive to hire specialists with the necessary expertise.

The managed services market is expected to grow to $282 billion by 2023 with an average annual growth of 9.3%. For comparison, in 2018 it was 180.5 billion dollars. Such a leap is due to the fact that business development is increasingly dependent on IT assets and their competent management, as well as the growing demand for cloud services, including among medium and small enterprises that do not have the resources to maintain the on-premise infrastructure.