Cybersecurity episodes can cause significant damage to any business with an average loss of about $57,000 XNUMX per incident. Sometimes the cost can greatly exceed financing, and small businesses may not survive through this.
While cybersecurity is a very broad area, there are ones from which small businesses can act. Proactive actions can significantly curb the impact of the most common incidents.
As the world is becoming digital, small business owners need to take responsibility for their cybersecurity in Los Angeles. As we are the best in cybersecurity, you will not find a better organization which deals with it for small businesses in Los Angeles.

What risks can small businesses have in information security?

Personal data

Any company, no matter if it has one employee or the whole staff, has got a bank of personal data. If the company cannot properly ensure the collection, storage, access and disposal of personal data, then it may be fined. The parties involved in the contracts, the terms and conditions of the cost of various contracts – all these items usually serve as a subject of confidentiality between the counterparties. In this case the responsibility for violation of confidentiality depends on the organization that concluded the contract, and in case of violation, the fine can reach almost any amount.

In what ways do Cyber Criminals attack small businesses?

Entry into the networks of a small enterprise is often carried out in the form of email fraud, as a rule, this is malicious software. It can be encrypted into an email attachment, but small businesses can also suffer damage from phishing.
Remote desktops are also vulnerable. An attack can occur if there is remote access to a computer from the outside and the company does not have a policy for installing software updates.

What steps need to be done to protect your business?

Find out what information may need to be protected

Most often you have to protect:
· information about customers, suppliers, new developments and know-how;
· the content of contracts with partners;
· the cost of products and services;
· analytical and marketing research, their results and conclusions;
· data on the financial condition of the company and salaries.

Estimate the real cost of the necessary information

The cost of the information security system cannot exceed the cost of the information itself. The owner should consider the list of potential targets of attack, trace the risks and possible losses, specify the cost of covering these risks and then decide how to minimize them.

Take care of additional data protection on the remote

2020 is a time of lightning transition to remote work in almost all spheres of life. Home Internet or personal laptop is easier to hack. Therefore, it is more dangerous to connect to corporate resources — CRM and ERP systems, mail, file repositories, internal messengers. Access to the home Internet channel gives the attacker access to the data that is transmitted through this channel.

Our company is the best in cybersecurity for small business in Los Angeles

We annually take measures to counter the threat of cyber-attacks and solve cybersecurity problems. We have invested a lot in the development of Information security services and can offer a full range of solutions that will help you manage cybersecurity threats. We have experience in providing services in industries with the highest requirements for data protection. We also help implement solutions in accordance with your company’s security policy.