Data Recovery

Data recovery is the procedure to restore data in case of loss, accidental deletion, or corruption. What is Data Recovery? What are types of Data Recovery?


Data recovery is the process of returning information located on a storage device, to which access was lost due to damage to the digital medium or its previous deletion. Data recovery can be done in different ways, but only if they are present somewhere in the storage. This means that in a situation where the file has never been written to permanent storage, then you cannot restore it.

In addition, none of the existing recovery methods can cope with the cases of irreversible erasure that occurs when some other information takes up its storage space – in such circumstances, lost files can only be restored from an external backup.

Data recovery methods can be two types: software-based and ones involving the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment components. A software-based method is used more often. In this case specialized utilities is used to logically interpret the problem in storage, read out the required data and give it back to the user in a suitable form. For physical repairs you need help of specialists. This method is used in the most serious cases, for example, when some mechanical or electrical parts of the drive no longer work properly. Then the main goal is to one-time extract the critical content, without the possibility to use the affected hardware in the future.


There are some of the services that are usually offered by data recovery companies:

  • Hard drive recovery.
    Hard drives can contain 200 gigabytes of data or more. This means that the risk of data loss is extreme.
  • RAID recovery.
    RAID systems are very complex and that is why there is much higher risk of damage. If you don’t backup RAID system correctly, it can lead to complete business failure or extreme financial loss. It’s better to contact a specialist or data could be lost forever.
  • Tape recovery.
    Tape is primarily used for backup of large data and is good option for businesses. It’s better not to conduct this recovery type by yourself due to its complexity, but contact professionals.
  • Optical recovery.
    Optical media is written and read by a laser, such as CDs and DVDs. There are many problems that can cause an optical media to fail.

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