Network Design – Implementation Network Optimization, Troubleshooting

Network design can have a major impact on business outcomes. Optimized network design eliminates network bottlenecks, prevents downtime, and enhances stability within an IT environment.


Network design starts with identifying business and technical requirements and continues until the network implementation stage:

  • gathering information and identification of specific your business requirements (for example, support a new office, cut costs or improve business efficiency) and technical requirements (for example, bandwidth, security requirements, specific protocols the project must implement).
  • estimation the current state of the network to understand the network layout, performance, data flows, applications and services on the network, network security, and physical and logical layout.
  • designing of network topology to consider both the physical and logical aspects of your network and choose hardware and software.
  • implementation stage meaning to deploy, configure and test what was designed.
  • during network operation it’s important to perform troubleshooting, which is the combined process to recognize, analyze and solve issues within a network.
  • at some point of network’s lifecycle the need of optimization can appear meaning to upgrade your network infrastructure for optimized performance and security. In this case, the cycle of network design begins from the first step.


Network Optimization includes tools, techniques, and best practices used to analyze and improve network performance. Optimization process is the measurement of a series of network performance metrics such as traffic, bandwidth, jitter, and latency and identification of any issues caused by insufficient infrastructure. The benefits of Network Optimization for your organization:

  • Optimal network infrastructure allows to improve network performance
  • Optimized network security can prevent network attacks and secure your data
  • Network optimization can create a more productive workforce and lower downtime
  • In case of cloud-based network optimization you can reduce IT support time and costs by reducing the amount of traffic on your old infrastructure


Network troubleshooting means the process of discovering issues with a network by a rigorous and repeatable process and then eliminating those issues using testable methods. For a business it is essential to have a professional network troubleshooting support. Every minute of network downtime can cause serious threat for business operation and result in loss of profit.

The basic troubleshooting steps are to collect information, develop a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, implement a fix, verify the problem was solved, notify the users and document the fix. We can provide a number of tools for you to diagnose and treat network issues.

Is your network designed to support your traffic, both for now and the future, with sophisticated security measures to keep your data safe? We can help!


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