User Support

Get our End-User Support services. Receive flexible, reliable and professional technical User Support for any questions and problems. What can you expect from our high level technical User Support?


In the User Support Service you can get answers to your daily routine IT-related questions, we will process your service requests and resolve issues. We can solve a wide range of incidents. In other words, the User Support Service must be able to respond to both specific service requests, such as providing instructions on how to use a particular service, and standard tasks, for example, resetting a password.

In order to meet your varied service requests, the support service is organized in several levels. Each of them has different goals and methods of work. The first level is a support team that works directly with users, usually around the clock and seven days a week. The support staff are trained in such a way that they can support users with any questions. If they still cannot help you, the request will be assigned to the next level to the service providers or key users. Problems requiring in-depth technical knowledge are passed to the third level to development teams or technology vendors.


We can provide User Support in several types of questions:

  • Something doesn’t work – meaning you face a problem because something does not work correctly. This can happen due to a faulty equipment, software, or a user who does not know how to use the product. The user can receive instructions on how to work with the product, a step-by-step description of actions to troubleshoot the problem, or if the problem is caused by faulty hardware, users are given the opportunity to order a replacement. Or you can request repair actions, onsite or remotely.
  • You don’t know how it works – if the user is looking for help on how to do something, he is invited to visit the self-service portal. If the user does not find the answer there, he is invited to contact the support service. If the question is about a specific business process, the user needs to contact a key user who works in the business organization and has more advanced knowledge of business processes and solutions.
  • There is a need in new product – this category refers to cases where the user wants to order new services or products. Users are offered a special catalog through which you can select the desired product, place an order, select approvers and track the order.
  • You have an idea for improvement – you can place your proposal regarding improvement of service. The proposals are evaluated and those that seem efficient and achievable will turn into development actions.

Our User Support service is focused on supporting our clients as individuals. Contact us and we will prove our trustworthiness!


Wherever you are in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet, we can access your computer remotely to resolve any problems you are experiencing. Click here for more info