How to speed up your PC? This topic is interesting and always relevant. In the modern world, the race for time is becoming more and more interesting, everyone gets out as best they can. And the computer plays an important role here. How it can infuriate with ridiculous brakes at a crucial moment! Many people at this moment probably think: “Well, I’m not doing anything special! Why are you slowing down?”

Those who just work with office applications or the Internet are less concerned about this issue, but even here some troubles happen! For example, Google Chrome is starting to slow down.

In this article, you can see some most effective ways to increase computer productivity.


The most obvious way is to replace the computer with something more powerful, but we will not consider it. However, it is quite possible to replace some spare parts by yourself or by contacting the service center in Los Angeles. We just need to figure out what can be replaced by spending less money, and getting the maximum increase in computer performance.

A. The processor should be replaced if the new one is at least 30% faster than the installed one. Otherwise, there will be no noticeable increase in productivity, and a lot of funds will be required. If you do not understand these issues, it is better to consult any computer specialist in Los Angeles.

B. RAM. It is definitely necessary to add if all the memory is loaded during operation. We look through the “Task Manager”, if at the peak of work (when everything that can be opened is open) up to 80% of RAM is loaded, then it is better to increase it by 50-100%.

C. Hard drive. It’s not about the size of the disk, but its speed. If you have a slow hard drive from an economical series with a spindle speed of 5400 revolutions per minute, then replacing it with a more expensive one with a speed of 7200 revolutions and a higher write density will add productivity. Too complicated? It is better to entrust this issue to professionals in Los Angeles.

D. Video card. It’s clear here, for games we change to a more productive one, but do not forget that the processor should be “matched” with a powerful video card.

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The computer may be slowing down due to some kind of malfunction, and a simple repair will help increase performance. For example, if the processor cooling system malfunctions, its clock frequency is greatly underestimated, and as a result, performance drops. Braking can still be banal due to overheating of the components of the motherboard as a result of heavy dust! So first try to clean the system unit thoroughly. If you are worried that you can only make things worse, any service center in Los Angeles will help you with this.


If you have never heard what it is or have not done defragmentation for a long time, then this is the first thing you will need to do to increase the speed of your computer. Defragmentation collects the information on the hard disk into one piece, which reduces the number of movements of the reading head and increases productivity.

The absence of at least 1 GB of free space on the system disk (where the operating system is installed) can also cause a decrease in overall performance. Keep track of the free space on your disks. By the way, it is desirable to have at least 30% of free space for the defragmentation process.


Reinstalling 90% allows you to increase the speed of the computer by 1.5-3 times, depending on its “filthiness”. This is the way this operating system works, that over time it needs to be reinstalled.

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Sometimes you can significantly increase the comfort of work with the help of special programs. Moreover, in most cases this is almost the only simple, fast and suitable method.

In this article, we have analyzed some methods of how to speed up the computer. Perhaps it helped you to save the most important thing in our life – time that should be used productively, every hour and every minute, and not wasted.