BeReal is one of the fastest growing social media apps today. Since the beginning of 2022, the number of users has increased by more than 315%, to more than 7.67 million. There are no ads, filters, the ability to edit a post or mark “I like” in the application.
However, some brands are already using BeReal in marketing. In this article, you will learn about who this app is suitable for and what advantages it gives to business, read the guide for B2B providers.

Brands and BeReal: marketing opportunities for B2B Providers

BeReal does not advertise in accordance with its mission — to avoid filters, edits and culture of influencers. Instead of paid advertising, brands usually turn to sponsorship deals or influencers, but such alternatives are not yet available. In fact, the terms and conditions of the application restrict the use of the application for advertising or commercial purposes by B2B providers.
Due to advertising restrictions, BeReal presents a unique obstacle for B2B providers. How to move forward through an application that explicitly prohibits direct marketing?
You have to be wiser than the American fast food chain Chipotle was. They offered free lunches to the first 100 customers who used the coupon code posted on their BeReal account. The brand has realized the huge potential to emphasize transparency in a creative way. Given the spirit of the app, Chipotle uses low-key and atmospheric content.

5 ideas for using BeReal for B2B providers

Chipotle has effectively used BeReal in marketing, creating content that looks organic to the platform. This does not mean that this tactic will suit all B2B Providers. First you will have to evaluate how the brand looks and feels in its original form, without filters. If a brand, product, or service relies heavily on touches or striking visual effects, BeReal may not be suitable.
However, if a B2B provider adheres to a low-key, muted style, it may well use BeReal in marketing. For example, to implement one of these ideas.

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1. Publish voiceover shots
For B2B providers that fit well into the native BeReal platform, content made “behind the scenes” is a great marketing idea. Brand personification allows customers to see it as something more than just a business. Footage from meetings, events or everyday office life will allow consumers to see the company in a different light, as well as contribute to strengthening the spirit of camaraderie and customer loyalty.
People like to see what’s going on “behind the camera”. Younger audiences are increasingly demanding humor and honesty from brands. About 82% of Generation Z buyers will trust the brand more if it uses images of real buyers in its advertising. If you are a B2B provider, use BeReal to post voiceover content – this way unedited and unprocessed images will look fashionable and relevant.

2. Create a community
More and more B2B providers are prioritizing community building. This is an essential element of social experience for young people. Unlike more popular social networks, BeReal allows B2B providers to form an online community without compromising the mental health of young people.
Brands that want to form a community should think through every step taking into account the interests of consumers. For example, instead of offering digital products, B2B providers can provide products or events that demonstrate the value of an experience that exists outside the digital world.

3. Promote real life
Today, more and more young people are paying attention to mental health, and brands can help with this. BeReal is a suitable platform to demonstrate honesty, defend the truth and develop a culture that supports mental health.

4. Be clear and keep your finger on the pulse
A major shift in the social media landscape occurred during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantines. This showed that in many ways perfectly placed and carefully prepared posts are no longer effective methods of engagement. People are losing interest in products and services promoted by influencers. Bright and perfect images of other platforms seem artificial.
B2B providers can use BeReal to connect with their customer base while remaining as authentic as possible. This makes it much easier for consumers to see a like-minded person in the brand. And a platform that allows only unfiltered or unedited photos is perfect for this.
In addition, BeReal is a free app, but it received its first funding round, and their valuation was set to reach about $630 million.

5. Engage others with UGC content
Unedited, user-generated content allows customers to interact with brands. This demonstrates how effective a strategy is in which the brand community is not only involved, but also accessible to other consumers. By collaborating with clients, B2B providers can create unique content that says much more about business than a one-sided conversation with a client.
UGC will help the brand to keep relevant for a long time after the end of the campaign. It also provides a wide pool of resources that is not available to the internal marketing team. But in order to use UGC effectively in BeReal, you will have to listen to the audience and make sure that everyone gets a sense of value and community.