IT Outsourcing in Los Angeles: How it Works and Who it Suits

Digital transformation requires qualified personnel. The traditional approach is to create your own team of software developers, but it is not easy to find and get the right professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses in Los Angeles to switch to remote work and makes the traditional hiring scheme with face-to-face interviews of many candidates almost impossible. What should I do if an employee is needed urgently? In such a situation, the integration of third-party technical specialists seems to be a reasonable solution for business.

Outsourcing services imply the transfer of certain functions to specialists of another company. As a rule, this applies to non-core industries. External contractors under the contract provide catering, transportation services, advertising, cleaning, marketing, security, etc. The outsourcer company in Los Angeles is engaged in staff outstaffing – the transfer of personnel to other firms and enterprises. Recently, this industry has been actively developing due to the demand for contractor services.

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How to Choose an Outsourcer Company in Los Angeles and Not Make a Mistake?

If you know how IT outsourcing can be useful to you, you need to understand how to properly approach the choice of a service provider:

  • First, study the IT outsourcing market in Los Angeles and form a list of companies that meet the requirements you set;
  • Call the company, find out more about the conditions, read the reviews, understand what their experience is in the IT field in Los Angeles and how qualified the specialists are.
  • Finally decide on the choice of the company and conclude an agreement in which all the key points will be clearly spelled out. The main indicator for the decision to conclude a contract is the Service Level Agreement – a service level agreement. This agreement prescribes the conditions for the provision of services that the IT outsourcer company is obliged to comply with, for example, the speed of response to an application.

What Tasks can be Outsourced to IT in Los Angeles?

Perhaps, in your case, you should not outsource all the company’s systems. You can solve this issue yourself within the company or seek help from specialists.

Most often, the following tasks are transferred to the service of a third – party company:

  • Service desk service: systems for handling requests from customers and employees that come through various communication channels.
  • IT infrastructure management. Outsourcing this process will allow you to save on indirect costs, increase productivity indicators and make costs more transparent.
  • Application management and workplace support. The key results are reducing the costs of supporting jobs, increasing their efficiency.
  • A properly organized IT outsourcing process will allow the client to provide a high level of service and stay on top, minimizing their costs and financial risks.

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What are the Advantages of IT Outsourcing in Los Angeles?

  • Instead of one system administrator, who may at some point lack the qualifications or knowledge, a whole team of IT specialists works for the client.
  • You have the opportunity to ask a question in one place, whether it is a minor repair or a large purchase of new equipment. No need to remember multiple numbers. All issues are handled by the same organization centrally.
  • Employees of the outsourcing company do not go on vacation, and do not get sick. They always have someone to replace this or that employee, so tasks never remain unresolved or postponed.
  • An IT service provider company does not need to pay a salary, UST (Unified Social Tax), which is 33% of the salary. Also, there is no need to organize a workplace, provide an employee with all the necessary equipment.
  • The contract, according to which the contractor company is legally responsible for the quality of its work, will protect you from poorly rendered services. Note that in-house specialists do not guarantee the quality of services.
  • There is a constant monitoring of the state of your IT infrastructure. Most failures can be prevented before they have made themselves felt. The outsourcing company is interested in improving the fault tolerance of the equipment.
  • No organizational issues, just the finished result. By receiving the services of an outsourcing company, you pay only for the result. No organizational issues concern you. You do not need to conduct any interviews and spend time on probation, and at the end of the month you are provided with a detailed report on the work done.

Before transferring the IT infrastructure to another company in Los Angeles, it is very important to have a clear idea of its condition and understand how, in your case, you can most effectively organize cooperation with an outsourcer company.

Therefore, we suggest that you conduct an IT audit, according to the results of which you will know exactly how your IT infrastructure is organized, in what condition it is and what needs to be corrected to ensure maximum performance.