Content marketing trends are constantly changing. But something remains unchanged even in 2023. One direction can flow smoothly into another. Copywriters should stay on top in order to quickly restructure and remain competitive.
Let’s consider which areas of content marketing will be relevant in 2023. Know what marketers and authors of texts should take into account preparing materials.

What are the Trends in Writing 2023?

Trend 1: Personalization and Individualization of Content

As a rule, copywriters do not write different articles, descriptions, or publications for a different target audience. Describing a section of a certain product category, a general text is prepared. Customers do not see the point in preparing different publications for different audiences. And, of course, they save the budget. In 2023, personalization from the setting of targeted and contextual advertising moves to text content. In the broadest sense. Every text for a company, brand, project must be narrowly focused and individualized. More and more products, services, technologies are narrowing customers (audience). Copywriting cannot stay away from such trends.

Trend 2: Optimization for Voice Search.

More and more people are using voice assistants. So this factor can no longer be ignored in the new year. News, blog texts and the content of websites need to be optimized for voice search technologies. So that Siri can find your content.
Voice search is markedly different from written search. People are more likely to use long keywords, ask full questions, and formulate a query more naturally, as in colloquial speech. Learn the features of voice search and add the appropriate keywords to your texts. Among the main techniques are “keys” in simple language. The selection of topics that are more often searched for by voice, the rejection of complex syntax. And the addition of the question words “who”, “when” or “where”.

What is the Content Marketing Prediction for 2023? Trend 3: Convert Text Content to Other Formats

A great way to attract an audience is to give them a choice. In 2023, it’s time to expand your abilities. Improve the presentation of information and offer readers something else besides the text. Include the main ideas of the material in the video. Add an audio or podcast format. Simply include a visual component in the material for a more convincing demonstration of the data.

How can I convert existing content to other formats?

  • Add infographics;
  • Convert information into an audio format, such as a podcast;
  • Complete the material with a video;
  • Try to go even further and use interactives that engage the audience.

Trend 4: Cooperation With Influencers

In 2023, influence marketing is a necessity for the successful development of companies. Previous years have turned working with bloggers into a basic marketing strategy. Because users have a large reserve of loyalty to idols. Some statistics. In 2021, brands spent $14 billion on cooperation with influencers.

Trend 5: Metaverse

This is a continuously operating virtual space. Users communicate with each other and with digital objects through their avatars using VR technologies. The Metaverse was originally characteristic of computer games. Today business is beginning to apply its capabilities. Companies will not be able to ignore the trend. The Metaverse attracts many millennials and representatives of generation Z.

A good example: augmented reality. Thanks to the smartphone, the user can, for example, attach a virtual picture to his real room wall. Or even “try on” shoes to understand how it will look on him in reality.

This is not just another toy that consumers will quickly get tired of. After all, you must agree, it’s great when a person can determine before making a purchase.

The result of the introduction of such a tool: users order exactly what suits them. And the seller is less likely to issue returns of disliked goods.

Trend 6: Long Texts

Long and informative texts are coming back! It has never been so difficult to keep the attention of a potential client as in our time. The need for comprehensive, complete and original materials is making itself felt again. Over the past few years, marketing trends have shifted towards easily digestible and short content. In 2023, longreads are on the rise again, and this is good news for copywriters because:

Readers interact with interesting long texts longer than with short content;
High-quality and informative materials attract a lot of attention when they are shared, for example, on social networks;
Long content is great for ranking in search engines;
Storytelling formats, as a rule, provide the best conversion;
A long text allows you to contain all the necessary information and add expert opinions. For example, you can’t tell about marketing trends for a whole year in a nutshell. A long, but not overloaded and conveniently formatted text will be the optimal solution.

Trend 7: Updating Old Content

The work on the content does not end when you put a dot in the final sentence. It is not enough to write an SEO-optimized text once to consider the material finally ready.The article can come out on top in Google search. But it can quickly lose its position without updating and supplementing with up-to-date information.

In 2023, try to give the old content a second life:

Make sure that all information is still accurate and up-to-date. If you encounter any outdated or incorrect information, update it.
Check if the tone and style match your audience and the current time.
Consider adding fresh information or updates to your old content and making it relevant again.

Let’s follow the current trends in content marketing and copywriting together. In the rapidly changing digital world, it is important to pick up the wave in order to successfully move on to new heights and achievements.