Accounting is not something that the company’s management wants to think about, and that the business is happy to spend time and money on.

IT support for accountants in Los Angeles is most often thought about in the following cases.

First, if there is an obvious problem:

  • the accountant unexpectedly quit or failed during the reporting period;
  • the tax authorities, through the fault of the accounting department, fined the company or blocked the current account;
  • employees or contractors began to complain about accounting;
  • the accountant got caught cheating.

Secondly, people start thinking about outsourcing accounting when they realize that your accountant is not a business partner:

  • he does not want to take responsibility for himself, he is afraid to communicate with government agencies or does not know how, he usually takes a favorable position for the tax service (and passive in relation to business);
  • it cannot provide high-quality expert support: there is enough time, or knowledge, or experience, or resources;
  • clumsy, does not keep up with changes in business, sabotages the new, prefers to work the old-fashioned way.

In general, the accounting function is understood narrowly: to calculate taxes, salaries, to submit reports to the state.

Rather quickly, the company’s management realizes that rather than looking for a spherical horse in a vacuum (a universal specialist who is equally well versed in tax, legal, IT issues, while being proactive, enterprising and focused on a result useful for business), it is faster and easier to hire a Managed Service Provider in Los Angeles with a versatile expert practice and appropriate resources.


MSP – Managed Service Provider is a contractor that offers comprehensive IT management. This service belongs to the Iaas –infrastructure-as-a-service model. We have already written about cloud computing models earlier.

Such companies differ from ordinary outsourcers in that they undertake not the performance of one-time services or individual processes, but the solution of the entire task on a turnkey basis. Infrastructure planning, deployment, maintenance, development – all this will be handled by MSP. That is, your company in Los Angeles will be able to completely relieve itself of the non-core IT load and focus on solving the main tasks.


Usually, a sample contract for accounting outsourcing is of a general nature. Like any similar document, it contains the subject of the contract, the cost of services and the procedure for settlements, the validity period, the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as their responsibility under the contract.


Firstly, on the limits of liability prescribed in the contract. For example, it may be indicated that the period of responsibility of a MSP is limited to one year, and compensation for damage is possible only within the cost of maintenance for the last quarter. Reputable companies in Los Angeles have extended liability to customers, indicating in the contract that material damage is fully compensated within three years from the date of reporting.

The responsibility of a MSP in Los Angeles is a stumbling block for many clients. Therefore, in addition to the clause in the contract, it would be nice to make sure that the Managed Service Provider has a valid professional liability insurance policy.

Secondly, since accounting outsourcing is a complex and rather complex service, Regulations or Rules for the Provision of Services are usually an integral part of the Contract. By how detailed they are, you can judge the reliability of the company.