What are Managed Services?

IT-outsourcing services in Los Angeles, which imply continuous monitoring, direct feedback and high adaptation to business, are often grouped under the heading “managed services”. You definitely know that they are considered as one of the fundamental tools, and in a number of industries – a driver of development.

Meet offer and advantages of managed IT services in Los Angeles

Do you define the main idea of managed services? It is to simplify IT infrastructure management for the customer. Among other advantages IT support companies in Los Angeles offer security, guaranteed reliability of operability, implementation of non-core tasks, optimization of budget and time costs. Moreover, Los Angeles managed service providers include continuous quality control of the service, its transparency; clear delineation of the areas of responsibility of the contractor and the client; protection through SLA; the ability to refuse services at any time.

[] provides managed services in the following areas:

  • IT outsourcing, IT operation, ensuring the operability of solutions;
  • infrastructure and information services as a service (Cloud);
  • information protection as a service (SECaaS);
  • outsourcing of license management (SAM 24 product);
  • provision of equipment and workplaces;
  • copy printing;
  • backup as a service;
  • management and control of solutions;
  • video surveillance as a service;
  • mobility management.

It is not a discovery for you that managed services are flexible and dynamic. If an organization changes its business strategy, the provider needs very little time to rebuild. So, a request to connect an additional office to the network for the client himself can mean large time and resource costs. But it is a fairly standard task for an integrator.

Incentive to IT-outsourcing

According to the Gartner report, IT outsourcing is the fastest growing and largest segment of the global IT services market. Analysts and IT market participants predict an increase in demand for these services, which is facilitated by companies reducing the number of their own IT specialists and the possibility of further building up the IT infrastructure when the peak of the crisis is over.

Why do we need IT services for business in Los Angeles?

The provision of IT services benefits the business in meeting its specific needs — increasing productivity, eliminating critical constraints and other requests when software and hardware require the participation of qualified personnel. Entrepreneurs rely on technical service due to the constantly emerging difficulties with compatibility conditions, system requirements and dynamic configuration changes.
Organizations need IT services in connection with the need for trouble-free operation of the enterprise and to meet the high expectations of users, customers, and buyers.