Managed IT Services — outsourcing of all or part of the functions of the IT department. Such services are needed to relieve the company of the burden of maintaining IT systems and monitoring processes that require round-the-clock support, to help in the deployment of new infrastructure. Managed IT Services in Los Angeles differ from conventional outsourcing in that they are provided not on a one-time basis, but in a comprehensive manner, more often with a subscription payment.

The company and the managed services provider in Los Angeles conclude an agreement, which includes an SLA (Service Level Agreement) — a service level agreement. The SLA prescribes the requirements for the service and the provider’s responsibility for the quality of services.


As a rule, Cloud Managed Services are individual solutions, the range of services is selected taking into account corporate requirements. In general, managed services are suitable for:

  • Large companies in Los Angeles that want to unload the IT department, free up employees’ time to solve key tasks, or, conversely, need the support of highly specialized experts to migrate to the cloud or launch innovative IT products. In the latter case, working with outsourcers helps to increase the expertise of the company’s employees through consultations and collaboration with the provider’s experts. Employees can then apply the acquired knowledge and skills on projects within the company.
  • Small and medium—sized businesses – Managed Services allows you to save on maintaining your own infrastructure, and sometimes even do without your own IT department.
  • Startup—managed services allow you to quickly launch and test business ideas without hiring additional IT experts.

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Managed IT Services in Los Angeles is more often used if the company does not have its own IT department, but there are infrastructure maintenance tasks, it is necessary to unload its own employees or it is difficult or expensive to hire specialists with the necessary expertise.

With Managed IT Services in Los Angeles, you don’t have to waste your time, resources and funds to search, train and maintain your own specialists. The experience of engineers, who solve many relevant tasks on a daily basis, will help you not only reduce operating costs, but also perform administrative tasks more quickly, efficiently and safely.


Managed Services in the clouds is a broad concept, the list of services often depends on the capabilities of the provider. There are three key areas of managed services, all of them are supported by the MCS cloud provider:

  1. IT infrastructure administration is round-the-clock technical support, when the provider’s specialists monitor the customer’s equipment and applications, help prevent and fix failures, organize continuous and efficient system operation, backup and recovery. Also, provider administrators can perform one-time tasks, be “on hand”. For example, if the IT department cannot cope with peak loads or the company has periodic tasks for which it is unprofitable to hire permanent specialists in the staff.
  2. Assistance in migrating services and applications to the cloud — if a company wants to move its IT infrastructure from its own data center to the cloud or change a cloud vendor. The provider’s specialists assess the readiness of the infrastructure for relocation, conduct preparatory activities, accompany migration to the cloud, check the correctness of services and applications, train company employees.
  3. Expert support — the specialists of the managed services provider can act as experts helping the company to switch to new technologies. As a rule, cloud providers have a lot of expertise in the development and deployment of new services. Consultations help businesses reduce the cost of maintenance, increase flexibility, for example, implement DevOps or switch to PaaS platforms.