Are you wondering what server monitoring is and why companies need it? First of all, servers are the basis of the IT infrastructure. They store important data for the company, business applications are based on them (the same CRM) – and this is only a small part of the variations in the use of server capacities. In order for them to function adequately, and this directly affects the correctness of the IT infrastructure, it is necessary to constantly monitor the servers.

Why do you need 24/7 server monitoring and IT Support in Los Angeles?

Quick detection of the problem.

Our IT support company monitoring tool reacts instantly to the occurrence of a malfunction. As a result, the sysadmin may have time to eliminate it before it affects users;

Evaluation of the server operation.

Perhaps server resources in Los Angeles are not being used as efficiently as they could be. For example, one server is constantly overloaded, the other is idle without load. In this case, the tasks should be divided between the servers. Or, on the contrary, the available resources are not enough to work correctly. 24/7 Monitoring will help to identify these and similar points;

Round-the-clock monitoring.

Monitoring systems monitor the performance of servers 24/7;

Cost reduction.

Due to the rapid response to emerging failures, the damage caused by them to the company is reduced. Which allows you to significantly reduce losses.

[] not only independently maintain servers in Los Angeles, but also successfully cooperate with system administrators on the client side. We help to solve issues that require expert knowledge.

Even if your company has a system administrator or an IT support department, they can not always properly organize the work of the server infrastructure, ensure high-quality uninterrupted operation of servers, online business and web projects.

What do you get if you choose?

  • Your server will be connected to the monitoring system and we will constantly monitor its operation;
  • Guaranteed response time to monitoring events: 15 minutes;
  • Monitoring event processing time: around the clock;
  • We configure your servers and constantly monitor them for bottlenecks affecting performance. Such as disk speed, memory usage, CPU usage, software settings, etc. We identify and eliminate problems that slow down the server;
  • Within the framework of the server support agreement, technical support requests are processed without restrictions, such as: making changes to software settings; creating, deleting and blocking system users; installing additional components of supported systems; making changes to the hardware of supported servers; troubleshooting requests; requests for additional backup copies or data recovery from a copy;
  • Installation of updates, protection against attacks and viruses. As it is released, priority updates are installed, and viruses are checked and searched regularly;
  • Our specialists in Los Angeles monitor the processes of data backup on your server, correct errors in the backup operation, and conduct test recoveries. Constant monitoring of the creation of backups gives confidence that your data can always be quickly restored from a backup if necessary.